Our Seventh Summer

We are celebrating our 7th Summer of serving meals in Wake Forest!

I was reminded of this milestone thanks to my Facebook Memories notification.  That first summer we served breakfast and dinner to hundreds of kids in the community and thanks to our host Olive Branch Baptist Church and with volunteers from about a half dozen churches and civic organizations. 

Much has changed since our first summer:  we are at two locations, we serve buffet style, all ages are welcome and families can take meals and produce home to enjoy together AND we have grown to a year round meal program and operate as a thriving 501(C)3 nonprofit! 

But so much remains the same:  many of our original supporters continue to build our program with time, treasure and talent.  I am still serving next to many of the same volunteers who have become friends and mentors over the past six years. 

We remain a grassroots organization that connects diverse members of our community nourishing all with food and conversation.  I hope we can write that all of this remains the heart and soul of our program in another seven summers!

We treasure our steadfast supporters who helped us open the program in 2017 in the basement of Olive Branch and remain faithful partners:  Wake Forest Christian Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Friendship Chapel Baptist, Wake Forest United Methodist, WF Women’s Club, Wake Forest Baptist Church, The Lions Club, and The Deltas Alumni Association, and we hope that new partners will be inspired to join us in decreasing food insecurity and increasing connection in our community. 

If your family, business, church or organization would like to make a direct impact on our Town, consider sponsoring a night of meals.  Our Town has grown so much in 6 years and we want to include all of you in the work we do. 

Today we celebrate all who have built our program and all who will join in our effort to make the next seven summers even better. 

Learn how you can help:  Sponsor a night of meals for Wake Forest Community Table